Saturday, October 16, 2010

Austin Is On The Move AGAIN!

I just spotted this comment posted by “Brendan” and it deserves a special post of its own:

Your friend now lives in NZ and Aus. He is keeping a low profile but he bought a really big home in Maraetai and it made local radio (most expensive home ever sold there). My mate works for the agents. If you look around you can find the evidence of this, such as

He also has a large apartment overlooking Sydney Harbour where his wife and children live. He has a really young Balinese girl minding his Maraetai home while he is away; it is a given he is minding her when he is there if you know what I mean; she only looks about 14 I am told but apparently is a real cracker; his wife has only been to Maraetai once though he is there quite regularly it seems ;-).

Am told he has started some electronics business in Auckland. He has rented his farm out in Portugal my mate says, though he is keeping some large place in Spain somewhere. You may want to make a big deal out of his sword thing; the swords he sells are not his personal collection, so he only sells lesser swords.

If you know how to do patent and real estate searches, you can find out a lot more about him and how he makes his money; his company name is Snowball. You should see his sword sales site offer shipping from England sometime soon I understand. I do not know what he has going there. Surprised he does not just pay a few of his many beans to have you and your mates experience fatal road accidents.

In checking the URL mentioned in Brendan’s comment, it does say there: “Please note: This sword is at my address in New Zealand.”

As Alice would say, “curious and curiouser.” Time now to put this new information to work.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

vBid. me, Austin’s Latest Internet Scam

Thrown off of eBay for auction fraud, it didn’t take Austin long to set up his own internet auction site where he continues to offer fakes and otherwise conduct fraudulent business. This new internet auction site is called vBid me:

At the same time, Austin launched a new forum called

The gist behind this new forum by Austin is to attack eBay and others currently on eBay who wouldn’t play his games or let him get away with his fraudulent activity on eBay. He writes there,

“My name is Mark Austin and I own I started these forums because of my total dislike for many aspects of eBay. I actually was about to sue them in England but decided to do something more community spirited and positive. I decided to launch this forum and a sister auction site”

“Community spirited and positive?” There isn’t a bone in Austin’s body which gives a damn about anyone other than himself, and there are no limits to what this sociopath will do to get what he wants.

Under both of his new sites he continues to use his old primary eBay ID, which was snr_sword.

On his new internet auction site, Austin declares vBid me to be “the champion of eBay alternatives” yet he is the ONLY seller! Moreover, his feedback by other “buyers” is totally contrived and made up by Austin himself. This trick of impersonation is a common one employed by Austin in the past. Austin regularly made up other personalities to engage in “discussions” with himself on his various past forums and he used various false ID’s on other internet auction sites. This is a common modus operandi for Austin, even though he has been caught red handed engaging in this activity on many occasions.

When eBay completed their fraud investigation of Mark Andrew Austin under the eBay ID snr_sword, there were four other bogus eBay ID’s which eBay directly traced to Austin, namely, chernobylpowerstation, jackdanielsforpresident, stevebeverlypt and travlurs. .All of these eBay ID’s have been permanently expunged by eBay for fraud. All of these eBay ID’s used fake names, addresses and telephone numbers to initiate the eBay registration. Anyone with their own eBay ID can check the status of each of these eBay ID’s used by Austin and the same message will appear: “No longer a registered user.”

So, what is Mark to do? Simple, start an internet auction site himself and engage in fraud all over again.

The internet auction site vBid me is a scam and a total fraud being operated by the wanted criminal, Mark Andrew Austin. Avoid this new internet auction site and you won’t be feeding this monster, the Englishman known as Mark Andrew Austin.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A New Blog From Austin

Austin is off to celebrating the new year with a bang. Too bad it’s not behind bars where he belongs. One thing is for certain, something set him off without provocation, and it must be the truthful aspect of this blog and some heat he must be feeling as a result of that truth being exposed.

Here is Austin’s new blog:

As typical with all his blogs, it’s made up of lies and distortions that only a sick mind such as his could possibly dream up.

Knowing full well that Austin is a pedophile and on Interpol’s watch list, I guess it only makes sense for him to proclaim his innocence in that regard by naming others that aren’t pedophiles as being such. In other words, by this new blog he hopes to divert attention away from himself.

This is so predictably Austin…that being to accuse others of exactly what are his crimes in a pitiful effort to claim his innocence.

Update, the day following this last blog entry:

It didn’t take long after this posting for the e-mails to start pouring in. Understandably, given what depths of lying and fabrications that Austin is capable of that this e-mail I received came from a person who knows Mark personally but requested to remain anonymous. Anyone who dares to openly challenge this megalomaniac psychopath risks being the brunt of his lies.


The man who lived in North Bali, an area known for child molestation.

The man who features underage girls on the home page of his commercial sites.

The man who marries "bar girls" with whom he cannot communicate, a woman who complains to friends that her husband is sexually inadequate.

The man who posts pictures of his children naked on the Internet.

The man who, by last count, has been compelled to leave Indonesia, Thailand, Russia and Portugal for his criminal activities.

The man who was ousted from ebay for unscrupulous business practice.

Without doubt Austin will soon fill in his latest blog with his own made up comments coming from his own entourage of made up names and personalities. That’s what Austin does. He fabricates reality and truth from the dark recesses of his evil mind banking on the stupidity of those who read it to believe it. Just try to validate ANY comments on ANY of his blogs!

On this blog, e-mails received and comments made are from real people who have unfortunately come into contact with him and thus have their own horror stories to share. Documentation and proof of the authenticity of comments and e-mails posted here are always available.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Austin Must Be Broke!

Having recently lost at least US $5,000.00 a month in revenue due to his nefarious activity under eBay as eBay member snr_sword, and a variety of other made up eBay ID’s, Austin has just listed his worthless travel forum, The Travel Forum Organization for sale.

This announcement can be found here:

As typical of Austin’s forums or blogs, his announcement is immediately followed by a response from a bogus member of that forum, Alison, with a plea for him to stay. One will note that on virtually all of Austin’s blogs, comments by those we are supposed to believe as honest and existing other parties always respond…and those responses are always by Austin’s own made up personalities.

It was these made up personalities that was his down fall on eBay which resulted in his permanent suspension from eBay and a loss of at least US $5,000.00 a month in revenue considering his previous status as an eBay Power Seller. Ouch! And, I hope it hurts!

With his house in Portugal for sale, and now trying to dump his worthless forum on some hapless idiot, Austin seems to be having financial difficulty. I wonder what he is living in at his new address in Spain? A one bedroom apartment, or a trailer park? Hell, he doesn’t even have a way to sell his fake swords anymore since he burned all his bridges with sword collectors too!

Kharma is indeed finally coming to Austin. He may not be in jail yet, but it is comforting to know that he is desperate for cash as the internet world finally catches up with him, and he is slowly found out to be exactly who he is…The Mad Hatter of Bali, a criminal, and a nutter beyond that which words can describe.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

And Never a Disparaging Word?

Just for the fun of it, or rather, just for the revelation, I thought it might be an interesting exercise to compare Austin’s list of persona nefarious as listed on his various blogs, web sites and forums to my own.

For me, it’s pretty simple…I only list him, Mark Andrew Austin.

But for him, the list is long and this compilation is only scratching the surface. Sorry, but it is also not alphabetical:

Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (President of Indonesia)

I Made Mangku Pastika (Governor of Bali)

Mark A. Wilson (British Consul to Bali)

Budi Setywan (Past Bali Police Chief)

Tri Koncoro (Police officer in Bali)

Jakarta Post (chief editor not specifically named)

Jack (John) Daniels (an honor winning travel consultant)

Bert Vierstra (a Dutch expat living in Lovina)

Each and everyone of these names listed above can be found on one or more of Austin’s various web sites, blogs and forums that have been listed here before. Each of these persons has been the subject of Austin’s lies, innuendo, and endless crusade of madness.

For some reason, known only to Austin, (or his shrink if he has one), all of these people are out to get him, and he has a personal tale to share for each and everyone of those names and how indeed, they were out to get him. Just checking Webster’s dictionary, I found his photo next to the word, paranoia. Could there be a more perfect illustration of paranoia? Although, perhaps now, and given Austin’s baseless ranting about these folks, they may well be out to get him, and who in their right mind wouldn’t?

As for me, Austin decided to attack me on eBay. Using three bogus eBay ID’s he tried to interfere and disrupt our business activity. Those now banned forever eBay ID’s are: steveberlypt, chernobylpowerstation, and jackdanielsforpresident. That last one was pretty funny, so I’ll grant that but there was nothing funny about his criminal activity on eBay which resulted in his permanent suspension.

This was a pathetic attempt on Austin’s part to disrupt our business, and in the end, his own personal eBay ID remains, and always will remain, NO LONGER A REGISTERED USER, which we call NARU’D assholes. That ebay ID for Austin was snr_sword.
Anyone can check each and everyone of those eBay ID’s for themselves to see that they are gone, and gone forever. Clearly, the loss of his monthly eBay income got him all twisted up in a knot, but he eventually shot himself in the foot, as he always does.

He also wrote some interesting letters to a whole host of folks that we are associated with in one way or another. The grammar used in the Indonesian language of those letters was itself a joke, and somewhere around the third grade level here in our village school. Austin could do better than to have his wife do his translations!

Then again, he should know by now that whatever language he prefers to write in, if it’s addressed to anyone in Indonesia, it is surely falling on blind eyes and deaf ears! Austin has taken the “boy who cried wolf” to atmospheric levels that even the North Koreans would be proud of!

In the end though it all boils down, and what it all boils down to is this:

A) Mark Andrew Austin is a wanted criminal in Bali, Indonesia, and in Thailand.
B) Mark Andrew Austin is unable to keep the same address anywhere in the world for more than two years. He is still on the Interpol watch list!
C) Mark Andrew Austin is shunned by anyone who comes into contact with him.
D) Ebay has thrown Mark Andrew Austin off and for good.
E) Mark Andrew Austin defrauded the Bali Children’s Project and the Mercy Center in Thailand for thousands of dollars.
F) Mark Andrew Austin IS the Mad Hatter of Bali and should be avoided at all costs until he is finally put behind bars!

Thursday, April 30, 2009


Austin has just been suspended (effective April 30), from any further trading with eBay.

Austin was caught red handed trying to interfere with my wife’s eBay business which has been in place for over 12 years and with a stellar reputation. Using another surrogate eBay ID, Austin “purchased” two items from my wife which totaled over US $4,000.00 in value. It was rather easy to trace the origin of the e-mail address used in his surrogate (bogus) eBay ID to his recently re-activated and scam Travelethos web site, and then further to Austin’s own eBay registration.

Austin was out for some retaliation for this blog, which is clearly causing him some serious discomfort as the truth is made more and more clear about him. His intention was to leave my wife with negative feedback on her eBay account claiming that he had paid for these items and that my wife was committing fraud because they were not shipped. Austin’s nefarious efforts were quickly investigated by the eBay trust and safety department, with the result that he is no longer a registered user.

Stupidly, Austin threatened this activity in an e-mail to my wife dated April 20 wherein he wrote, “Let me see, just off the top of my head, some of your many vulnerabilities…your eBay account, your eBay feedback, your bank account.”

This recent event is just one more example of how Austin will use any means, including lies, deception, hyperbole, impersonation, etc., etc. to impose his will upon, and coerce anyone who dares to expose him and his activities.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mark Andrew Austin Is A Pedophile!

In all truthfulness, I never gave much credence to the stories I would hear about this claim now and then about Austin and his time up north in Bali around Singaraja.

There were those who would claim him as a pedophile because of his overt interest in little girls, and later, simply because his avatar on his forum is a little girl. You can see for yourself here: Travel Forum Org where he posts as markadmin. Virtually every post Austin makes there includes a photo of this girl, yet he has two kids by his own admission, Andrew (born August 2002) and Francheska (born October 2005). Why not use an avatar of one of them?

When Austin first launched this forum in 2007 he wrote me a taunting e-mail (as all his e-mails are) which I had almost forgotten. In that e-mail, he wrote:

“What do you think of the girl? She is from Timor and I think she’s cute. Too bad your seed only makes monkeys!” In fact, on his forum Austin wrote about this girl… “she was just too cute to resist.”

While several “contributors” of information about Austin have suggested I direct my attention that way, I hadn’t until just receiving a hand written letter from a family from the same village as his wife, Ni Luh Suci. In that letter, Ibu (the mother of the child) writes that Austin, on several occasions, had paid her 50 thousand rupiah (about five dollars) for her 11 year old daughter to spend a few hours at night with him.

After reading other details of the mother’s letter, I knew it was authentic. Unfortunately, but yet true, pedophiles in Bali often work with “parental consent” but that does not eliminate the crime! Poverty, and the realities one faces when very poor is always behind this. For the Balinese parents who will allow their child to be so abused for money, there is kharma, but for the westerner who takes advantage with his money, there is justice.

While I am no psychiatrist, it is notable that while Austin does sell drugs on the internet, he claims I am a drug dealer, which obviously I am not, and while he pedophiled a young girl here in Bali, he accuses another western expatriate, Bert, of being a pedophile, which he is not. I am told that this projection of accusations to others by a psychotic is fairly common. Given that 99.9% of what Austin writes is lie, lie and more lies without substantiation, I personally accept that the claim that Austin IS a pedophile is accurate.